'Make a Bee With Me' Workshop

'Make a Bee With Me' Workshop

Skill level: Intermediate (but I'm a really good teacher, so don't be put off!  It just means that you have to make more tight bends in the wire)


I am so excited to introduce my 'Make With Me' Workshops.  They are so much fun!  But obviously, I would say that, but Bobbie who attended the first one said:


"It was great trying something new and being able to hear your tips first hand. You were great at keeping the conversation flowing and just generally making it a enjoyable experience!"


This workshop is designed to teach you how to make my design of my mini bee.  My mini bee design has been adapted to make it slightly easier to make.


This is what's included:

- An hour long live workshop with me, using my face, hands and voice to teach you how to make a Vivid Wire Mini Bee.

- The recording of the session, so you can watch it afterwards as many times as you like or if you can't make the live workshop.

- Enough wire to make three mini bees.

- Ribbon, if you wish to hang your bees.

- The tools you need, that you get to keep.

- The opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to!

- Templates to help you construct your mini bees.

- Full installation instructions for completed wire art.


Options for the next Bee workshops are:

Wednesday 4th August at 8pm or

Saturday 14th August at 10am


The link to the workshop on Zoom, will be sent to you via email, so please ensure that you enter your email address correctly at checkout.


You will receive a recording of the workshop the next working day following the workshop.  You will receive your 'Make a Rosebud and Mini Butterfly With Me' kit with all the materials and tools you need before the workshop.


You can choose from three different colour ways for your bees, or you can choose your own colours!

- Yellow with black stripes

- Black with yellow stripes

- Rose gold with black stripes


For more information on installation methods, please see my page 'how to install' for more information.  Please see my page 'Processing times, Shipping & Returns' for more information.


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch hello@vividwire.co.uk.  It is really important that once you receive your wire art, that you handle it with care.  


All Vivid Wire designs, wire words, wire art, images and videos are protected by U.K. and International copyright laws.  Reproduction and distribution in any form without the written permission of Vivid Wire© (Claire Hill) is prohibited.  

Copyright © 2019-2021 Vivid Wire, Claire Hill.  All rights reserved.



The charity Refuge has been chosen as Vivid Wire's Charity of the Year

from 1st June 2021.

Refuge supports women, children & men experiencing domestic violence with a range of services. 


£1 of every total order will be donated to Refuge via Work for Good.