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Last Christmas we were allowed out!

It is officially the earliest that I have ever put Christmas decorations up in my house! The end of November is usually my limit, but to show off this year's designs I put them all up in my house. If you missed it, I did a Instagram live to show them all off too (with a cheeky glass of Prosecco!) I even wore my sequin dress!

I LOVED designing and making these pieces and so far it appears that lots of you like them too! But I thought I would go into a bit more detail of the inspiration behind the designs.

All Christmas pieces are made flat to add versality to their installation.  They are designed to become part of your traditional family Christmas decorations; to be put away carefully every year in order to be able to be displayed again in their prime condition.

I wanted to design a Christmas decoration for the kitchen.  In my house, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen during Christmas and we NEVER have enough decorations up.   Though it was designed to be hung in my kitchen, it would look great in any room!   The "Mistletoe, Magic, Mince Pies" design was inspired by the "Pizza, Pasta, Prosecco" piece I have and I wanted words that have Christmas meaning but also had alliteration.  This is my favourite piece and I love the use of colour but also how the words make me feel so festive! I made the original sample in dusky pink, rose gold and gold (colours very on trend for Christmas this year) but you can choose your colours to match your theme!

My "Merry Christmas" piece is traditional, lush and so fun.  I really loved designing this as it reminds me of Christmas decorations we used to all love; tinsel and those weird ones that hung from the ceiling.  I still love the smell of tinsel!  This design is a reimagining of those bright and wonderful decorations we loved. I made the original sample in a green, red and gold (traditional colours of Christmas) but colours can be chosen.

My "festive as f*ck" is a Christmas decoration to shock the in-laws with! 

I have toned it down slightly for Christmas though.  This is a festive take on my

classy "fancy as fuck" with a couple of added jovial shapes, including my new bow design. It also features in "Mistletoe, Magic and Mince Pies".

The cute additions to my letterbox gift collections; the mini Christmas tree, Christmas unicorn and Christmas dinosaur is perfect to send to a loved one to share some  love and joy over our new version of Christmas celebrations this year.   In addition, it makes a boring corner light up with Christmas cheer, so perfect for an office or work space.

The Christmas Love and Wish Stars make lovely additions to the family's traditional Christmas decorations.  Either by adding them to the tree or hanging on the wall with nails or clear hooks. Both come in two different sizes. I love these and I think I am going to keep them on the website, because a star isn't just for Christmas...

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