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How to Hang

Made with prongs vs. made flat

IMG_2111 (1).jpeg

💛What are prongs?
Prongs are extra pieces of wire, bent at 90° at the beginning and end of each piece of wire art.

💛How do I install my wire art when it is made with prongs?
Installation instructions are provided with every order. You will need either a 2mm or 3mm drill bit, depending on the size of the wire used to make your art (don’t worry, I’ll let you know which 😘). You drill the size of hole you require into the wall and then push the prongs (carefully) into the holes.

Pros of prongs
✅It makes the art look like its floating.
✅Easier than you think to install!
✅There are no hooks or nails visible
✅You can install your art outside, into a brick wall

Cons of prongs;
❌ more permanent
❌ you need a drill

💛 How do I install my wire art when it is made flat?
You can put nails into the wall, which the art can balance on. You can use clear command hooks, which I love (they are shown in the pictures above). You are also able to balance the art onto a shelf to make the perfect shelfie 👌🏻

Pros of art made flat
✅ Very easy to install
✅ Very versatile; you can move your art around.
✅ Ideal for seasonal decorations (like my Christmas ones!)

Cons of art made flat;
❌Can see the hooks or nails, though it is not obvious.
❌Art can only be installed indoors.

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